Friday, 23 August 2013

Sock and Cup Toddler Maths

Well O is going through a phase of not sleeping well at the moment, 4.20 am starts for the last 2 weeks!  This would be fine if he wasn't so tired and grumpy.  So I've been trying to keep him occupied with simple little activities, which won't cause too much frustration on his part and aren't too much effort on my behalf!

Yesterday late afternoon when the inevitable tiredness started setting in and books were getting thrown all over the room I made a little colour and shape recognition game for O.

I found the coloured foam sheets I had bought a short while ago and cut out a triangle, square and circle of each colour I had, placed them in a small plastic Ikea cup and then pulled a sock up over the cup.  It looks very simple, but entertained O for over an hour and he's taken it out several times since.

He will pull out a shape or two and place it on the surface in front of him, then if he doesn't offer any colour or shape names then I tell him the colour and shape.  He already seemed to know triangle, but only said the word for the first time when we were at the doctors the other day (I had shown him a few times when we were playing outside with chalk), but is now attempting circle and square since we started this game.  He's also starting to understand the different colours, although they aren't always correct.

This game would also be great for either colour or shape sorting, but O doesn't seem to be ready for that yet.  I'm sure that will come with time though.

Let me know if you try it out!

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